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Academy Learning Lab
focus on skills for deep learning

Oxford University

Learning Lab

Academy Learning’s Learning Lab focuses on skills for Deep Learning.

What is deep learning?

Vital skills required in a post-pandemic world.

Deep learning prepares students for the changes in society, life, and work. Our Learning Lab is designed specifically for the purpose of deeper learning, using pedagogical research and theory founded on the principles of Aristotle. The outcomes are knowledge, understanding, and an enquiring mind.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Mastery of Skills and Content

Connecting Different Subject Areas

A Growth Mindset and Continued Learning


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Julie Arliss

Julie Arliss

Julie Arliss is a well-known experienced teacher and author. She works closely with exam boards and is perfectly placed to support students in preparation for A level examinations. She is an experienced examiner. Julie has an international reputation for inspiring academic excellence and encouraging students to push the boundaries of knowledge.

Professor Daphne Hampson

Associate, Theology and Religion, Oxford University

Daphne Hampson trained in Theology at Harvard and is Professor Emerita of Divinity at the University of St Andrews, an Associate of the Department of Theology and Religion at Oxford University and a Life Member of Clare Hall, Cambridge.

Daphne is a ‘constructive’ systematic theologian though she is also interested in Continental philosophy. She wants to critique Christian mythology from a post-Christian perspective and to find ways to speak of that which is God compatible with the present state of our knowledge and commensurate with gender equality. She has published widely on feminism and theology and furthermore on the contrast between Lutheran and Catholic presuppositions and the thought of Kierkegaard.

Professor David Ford OBE

Emeritus Regius Professor of Divinity, Cambridge University.

Professor David Ford OBE is one of the world’s leading theologians. He began his academic career at the University of Birmingham in 1976, after studying Theology and religious studies at Cambridge, Yale and Tübingen. In 1991 he moved to the University of Cambridge as Regius Professor of Divinity, and in 2015 he became emeritus.

In 2013 Professor Ford was awarded an OBE for his “outstanding contribution to theological scholarship and inter-faith relations”. He is the founding Director of the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme and is also very well known for his work on secularism and secularisation. Professor Ford’s most recent publication, 2021, is The Gospel of John: A Theological Commentary, Baker Academic.

He is a named scholar for study on a number of A level specifications.

Prof Keith Ward

Professor Keith Ward

Emeritus Regius Professor of Divinity, Oxford University.

Professor Keith Ward is a leading philosopher of religion and much in demand on the international academic scene. Liberation Theology and Marx feature in his book, ‘A Guide for the Perplexed’ and more fully in ‘In Defence of the Soul’ both of which are accessible to students. 

A Former President of the World Congress of Faiths and member of The Board of Social Responsibility for the Church of England; Professor Ward has also written a 5 volume work on ‘Comparative Theology’, which is about inter-faith relations. Professor Ward has recorded programmes for Al Jazeera TV and recently for the Egyptian Arabic TV channel. He is a former Chair of the Governors of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies and on the Academic Committee of the Islamic Centre at Oxford.

Dr Andrew Pinsent – Oxford

Dr Andrew Pinsent

Dr Pinsent is an international speaker, in great demand across the globe. He is a polymath with doctorates in both physics and philosophy. There are few better placed to discuss matters of science and philosophy. 

He is a former particle physicist at CERN and a named author on thirty-one papers of the DELPHI experiment. He is a member of the United Kingdom Institute of Physics. Dr Pinsent also has a second doctorate in philosophy and is currently the Research Director of the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion, a Research Fellow of Harris-Manchester College and a member of the Faculty of Theology and Religion at Oxford University.

Professor Raymond Tallis

‘One of the most intriguing figures in the current intellectual scene.’ The Times Higher Education Supplement

Raymond Tallis is one of the world’s leading polymaths. He studied medicine at Oxford University, worked as a physician and clinical scientist and is now a full-time philosopher, scientist and poet. 

Professor Tallis is a widely respected academic and cultural critic with other two hundred scientific articles and 36 non-medical books to his name. He is a regular contributions to magazines and newspapers writing ‘Tallis in Wonderland’ for each issue of ‘Philosophy Now’. He is particularly well liked for his amusing, engaging and inspiring talks.

Monday 11th October Meet Professor Daphne Hampson 17.00 - 18.00

Religion as Gender Politics

Daphne considers the path she has taken as a theologian. What have been the continuities and what the discontinuities and developments in her thinking about that reality which is God? She looks at confusions that have arisen over her thinking. What of her new book, “Religion as Gender Politics”, and what does she yet hope to accomplish? The discussion explores some of the major issues concerning the truth of Christianity and its viability in an age of gender equality.

Monday 11th October Meet Professor David Ford 18.30 - 19.30

Secularism and Secularisation

Professor Ford will explain some of the key influences on his thinking before examining the challenges of secularism and secularisation. In particular he will explore the historical role of Christianity in British culture and whether Christianity is, or should be, a significant contributor to culture and values in multi-cultural Britain.

Tuesday 12th October Meet Professor Keith Ward 17.00 - 18.00

Who was Jesus?

Keith will outline the path he has taken from his first love, music, through philosophy to theology. He will explain the key influences on his thought, and his conclusions about Jesus Christ. In particular he will consider the authority of Jesus and respond to the key points raised on specifications.

Wednesday 13th October Meet Dr. Andrew Pinsent 17.00 - 18.00

Dying, death and beyond. Does it matter?

Andrew considers the path he has taken both as a scientist and a philosopher. What influenced him to become a RC priest and how does he now see the relationship between faith and science. He will look at what constitutes a good death, and discuss different beliefs about the afterlife, and why he thinks it matters.

Thursday 14th October Meet Professor Raymond Tallis 17.00 - 18.00

Thoughts of the Sage of Stockport : A Defence of Freewill

Raymond will outline his journey as a scientist, medic , literary figure and philosopher and explain the most important influences upon his thinking as an atheist. He will explore the key themes in his latest book, “Freedom” where he argues that practical belief in our own agency, and theoretical doubts about freewill, can be reconciled.