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15 hours
16 videos
3 multiple choice quizzes
5 thought experiments
5 podcasts
lecture notes
original sources

1. Foundations. Key terms. Epicurus. John Priestley. Bentham. Empiricism. Principle of Utility, hedonic calculus, quantitative/qualitative pleasure, Act & Rule Utilitarianism, Teleology, Consequentialism. John Stuart Mill.
2. Application. Act Utilitarianism, relative, consequentialist, egalitarian. Universalisation. Mill’s challenge. The harm principle. Social virtues, rules. Application to practical ethics including the drowning child by Peter Singer.
3. Evaluation. Robert Nozick, Philippa Foot, Bernard Williams, Louis Pojman, Lord chesterfield, Richard Brandt, Alasdair MacIntyre, Ruut Veenhoven.

Approx. 15 hours of guided learning with 16 videos, lecture notes, original sources, 5 podcasts, 5 thought experiments, 3 multiple choice quizzes.

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