The Divine Attributes (Private Viewing)


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Professor Keith Ward

Voted the most popular talk from our November webinar we are delighted to be able to air this talk again.

In Western thought, there are four main views of God:

  • Classical – God is eternal, simple, and immutable (Aristotle/Aquinas).
  • Process – Events are free and creative; God attracts them to good outcomes, but they may resist (Whitehead).
  • Biblical – God is maximally good, knowing and powerful, but maybe not technically omniscient and omnipotent.
  • New Testament – God becomes incarnate and all things are united in Christ, so God suffers and changes and includes the cosmos. This talk defends the ‘New Testament’ view. But is it really in the New Testament? It is for you to decide!
  • £10 private viewing
  • £20 school license. 

Approx 40 minutes