Ontological Argument (Group Viewing)


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Tom Greggs

The Ontological argument is one of the best topics for demonstrating deep knowledge and high level skills. In this session students will be engaged by the core question raised by the Ontological Argument – is it a natural theological proof for the existence of God, or a piece of revealed theology?

This session will explain the difference between an a priori argument and an a posteriori argument and discuss whether, even theoretically, it is possible to have an a priori existential argument. What, if anything, does the strongest form of Ontological argument have to contribute to the debate about the existence of God? From Anselm to Descartes to Malcolm and Plantinga – this ‘proof’ is a puzzle for the philosophically minded and Professor Greggs will show just how readily it lends itself to evidencing high level achievement in the classroom.

  • £10 private viewing
  • £20 school license. 

Approx 55 minutes