Meta Ethics


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10 hours
9 videos
2 multiple choice quizzes
2 thought experiments
2 guest lectures
lecture notes
original sources

1. Naturalism. Absolutism, relativism, Vienna circle Hume’s law, Thought experiments: The fat man in the cave, Ring of Gyges. The Naturalistic fallacy. In support of naturalism: Pope Benedict XVI, FHBradley, Philippa Foot, Peter Kropotkin. Challenges against naturalism: Hume, Mackie, Hare, Moore.
2. Intuitionism. GE Moore. Good as a simple notion. Prichard’s intuitionism. Ross’ intuitionism. Prima facie duties.
3. Emotivism. Ayer ‘boo-hurrah’. Hume’s fork. Charles Leslie Stevenson. Challenging emotivism: Alasdair MacIntyre, James Rachels, Richard Brandt

2 Guest lectures. Professor Keith Ward, University of Oxford
Meta ethics and Divine Command
Meta ethics and GE Moore

Approx. 10 hours guided learning with 9 videos, lecture notes, original sources, 2 thought experiments, 2 multiple choice quizzes, 2 guest lectures.

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