Kantian Ethics


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15 hours
8 videos
3 multiple choice quizzes
1 guest lecture
3 podcasts
lecture notes
original sources

1. Foundations. Key terms. The enlightenment & influences on Kant. Maxims, deontology, duty, summum bonum, motive, categorial and hypothetical imperatives, kingdom of ends, autonomy of ethics.
2. Application. The metaphysics of morals. Universalisation. 3 forms of the Categorical Imperative with Kant’s examples and 6 practical applications, including the Crazy Axeman.
3. Evaluation. James Rachels, Pope John Paul II Louis Pojman. David Hume, Benjamin Constant, Peter Singer, Maria Von Herbert, Bernard Williams

Guest lecture Keith Ward, University of Oxford. Kantian Ethics.

Approx. 15 hours of guided learning with 8 videos, lecture notes, original sources, 3 podcasts, 2 thought experiments, 3 multiple choice quizzes, guest lecture.

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