Dialogue Between Christianity and Philosophy


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16 hours
4 videos
4 multiple choice quizzes
1 guest lecture
lecture notes

5. Dialogue Self Death Afterlife. The soul, the significance of death, the existence of an afterlife. Dialogue with Christian philosophers, dialogue with atheist philosophers. The question of religious language, Science and religion, proof and probability, plausibility issues. Dialogue internal to Christianity; different ideas about judgement, heaven, hell and resurrection. Different ideas about the relationship between faith and reason. Dialogue between Christianity and other religious views

Guest lecture: Sam Newington, University of Aberdeen. What is hell?

6. Dialogue Miracles. Dialogue between Christian philosophers and atheists, dialogue within Christianity. Issues arising from religious language, science and religion, religious experience, faith and reason. Dialogue over definition.

7. Dialogue Religious experience. Dialogue between Christian philosophers and atheists. Ontological questions, religious language, science and religion, proof and probability. Dialogue inside of Christianity: authenticity of claims, authority of claims, faith and reason dialogue, attributes of God. Dialogue with the claims of other faiths.

8. Dialogue between Christianity and other truth claims. Dialogue with atheism, post-modernism, relativism, claims regarding pluralism of truth claims, competing truth claims of science. Internal dialogue regarding the source of religious truth claims, methods of discernment, pluralism, exclusivism, inclusivism, and anonymous Christians.

Approx. 16 hours of guided learning with 4 videos, course notes, 4 multiple choice quizzes, 1 guest lecture.

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