Dialogue Between Christianity and Ethics


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16 hours
13 videos
4 multiple choice quizzes
2 guest lectures
lecture notes

1. Dialogue Ethical systems – core issues. Core dialogues within Christianity. Core dialogues between Christians and Utilitarians, Kantians, Sartre, Nietzsche Ayer Mackie. Dialogue between Christians and other religious frameworks.

2. Dialogue Conscience – core issues. Different views on the origin of conscience and the formation of conscience. Authority: Autonomy heteronomy, theonomy? Dialogue around different definitions of conscience. Dialogue within Christianity about conscience.

3. Dialogue life and death issues. What is distinctive about the Christian contribution to these debates? The value of human life, the value of animal life, the importance of justice and truth-telling, the importance of promise-keeping, respect for persons, respect for creation.

Guest lecturer, Professor John Swinton, University of Aberdeen. Assisted dying.

4. Dialogue Wealth and poverty. Jesus’ distinctive teaching and whether it is relevant today. Business ethics. Max Weber: Protestant work ethic. How to achieve a fair redistribution of wealth. Utilitarian views. The causes of poverty. Can only the wealthy afford to be ethical?

Guest lecturer, Dr Mike Laffin, University of Aberdeen. Are Christian ethics relevant in the modern world?

Approx. 16 hours of guided learning with 13 videos, course notes, 4 Multiple choice Quizzes, 2 Guest lectures.

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