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8 hours
13 videos
2 multiple choice quizzes
2 thought experiments
4 podcasts
lecture notes
original sources

1. Section 1. Classical religious approach, Augustine, St Paul, Aquinas’ approach. Ratio, synderesis, conscientia, vincible and invincible ignorance. Joseph Butler, Sir John Henry Newman, Different voices in the RC Church. Examples and case studies: Oscar Schindler, Rudolf Hoss, Adolf Eeichmann, James Keenan
2. Section 2. Freud and Conscience. The immature and mature conscience. Freud on religion. Other psychological views, Nietzsche, Eric Fromm, Jean Piaget, Kohlberb, Engler Carducci. Conscience and authority – Milgram.

Approx 8 hours of guided learning with 13 videos, lecture notes, original sources, 2 thought experiments, 4 podcasts, 2 multiple choice quizzes.

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