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Call to discuss the appropriate pricing for your school or situation.

Academy Learning is offering introductory pricing for all units in the EthIQa / Learning Lab series. Contact us for pricing that works best in your situation, for your needs, number of students, and subjects required.

You might also be interested in joining our collaboration group, who benefit from a discounted price in return for providing teacher and student feedback on the Learning Lab content. Please contact us if you are interested or select ‘Collaborate’ in FlexBlend or SuperCharge below.

Full Access Pass from £49.95 per student.

More than 500 hours of interactive learning.

Units from £25 per student.

FlexBlend by Academy Learning

FlexBlend. All FlexBlend units with full access to interactive multimedia online platform.

Single login £599
2 – 5 logins £450
6 – 10 logins £350
11 – 29 logins £250
30 – 69 logins £150
70 – 99 logins £100
100+ logins £49.95

All prices per person per year

Super Charge the blended learning program with online tutoring

Supercharge includes all FlexBlend units with full access to interactive multimedia online platform package with online tutoring. Blocks of tutoring available from £50 an hour (for a 10 hour block).

From £500, in addition to the Flexblend price.

Knowledge Boost White Label Learning Lab offering by Academy Learning

Knowledge Boost. White label premium package with your own branding. Embed our learning platform seamlessly into your school offer. Package includes online tutoring and free attendance at Academy Learning student events.

From £6,000 for a license
per institution/year.

Learning Module Catchup

Individual learning units may be purchased by teachers or students, as their need demands.

  • Catch up learning
  • Bridging courses
  • Refreshers
  • Holiday or Summer School

From £25/unit/login

Special Introductory Pricing:
3 Units for the Price of 2.

1. Multi-school surcharge for additional administration. For example, if an academy group wants to buy for 100+ students, across 3 campuses.
2. Schools can decide how to charge for lessons, or how to value add existing programs.
3. Course materials and support services are accessible for 12 months from payment date.

EthIQa Learning Lab


More Benefits, Lower Costs

Resource Issues Solved

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