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Flexible Learning - Accountable Results

Academy Learning Lab

Flexible Learning - Accountable Results

Academy Learning Lab delivers higher student satisfaction, subject results, and accountable learning for a modest, fixed price.
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  • Save Resources – Time and Money
  • Deliver Accountable Virtual Learning
  • Raise Student Satisfaction Ratings
  • Be COVID Ready
Informed & Up to Date Academic Presenters
Curated Fun Learning Experiences
Anywhere Anytime Convenience
High Student Satisfaction Ratings
Growing Range of Courses and Modules
Integrated Quizzes and Assessments
Engaging Mixed Media Presentations
Further Learning & Resources
COVID ready Learning Solutions
Perfect For Catch Up Classes
Economical Content Delivery Platform
Teacher Dashboard & Live Updates

The Way Learning Should Be

Students in 2020 require flexibility: with time, location and in attention spans to suit their situation. Academy Learning Lab provides infinite flexibility for the learning experience- perfect in a post pandemic society.

Good to Great- Growing Better

Virtual learning services from Academy Learning Lab allow for schools to go for gold- A Level programs taught by the best teachers. This platform allows for a wider potential market to more students- beyond the schools geographic constraints.

Full Control of Lesson Plans

Teachers may opt for Learning Lab delivery of only selected modules if desired. Similarly, teachers may opt for automated assessments, or written assignments if they prefer. Based on an individual’s performance, tailored interventions allow for learning optimisation.

Making Economic Sense

In a post pandemic world, economical content delivery is paramount. Automated assessments also mean savings for teachers and schools. Learning Lab services save money yet improve learning standards.

All access pass from £49.95, or individual units from £25.