Wisdom and Authority Unit – Guest Speakers

Professor Tom Greggs, University of Aberdeen – Faith and Reason Johannes Zachhuber, University of Oxford – Dietrich Bonhoeffer Professor Tom Greggs, University of Aberdeen, – Christianity, Bonhoeffer and Pacifism

Wisdom and Authority – Lesson 13 – The Authority of Jesus vs The Authority of the State

WATCH: This lecture https://vimeo.com/465710200/59861708d4 Christian Action: Dietrich Bonhoeffer OCR Book 1 Chapter 21. This lesson will look at whether or not Christians should • practise civil disobedience • whether or not it is possible always to know God’s will • whether or not Bonhoeffer puts too much emphasis on suffering • whether or not Bonhoeffer’s […]

Wisdom and Authority – Lesson 11 – Today’s Task

AIM: To create a revision poster outlining Christian beliefs about wisdom and authority. METHOD:• Divide your paper into 4 and use a quarter of the page for the views of each of the following: Literalists, Anglicans, Catholics and Evangelicals. SUCCESS CRITERIA: The purpose of the poster is to revise the full unit. As A level […]

Wisdom and Authority – Lesson 7 – Sources of Wisdom and Authority of Evangelicals and Fundamentalists

WATCH: This lecture https://vimeo.com/465742563/9dbe0468e9 READ: The notes below and do some research on Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians.OCR Book 1 page 325 WATCH: These videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qS1yztfKP8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ggwu5sWU0Mohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHLmPmLwgHM WRITE: 1. Define what is meant by ‘Sola Scriptura’ 2. List 3 distinctive features of Fundamentalism. 3. What would a fundamentalist look to for their primary sources of wisdom and […]

Wisdom and Authority – Lesson 5 – Martin Luther and The Reformation

This is the background you need to know in order to understand Anglican sources of wisdom and authority. WATCH: This lecture https://vimeo.com/464690006/97c08ddd80 Resources *Please select the button circled red to toggle fullscreen in the PDF viewer below* Lecture Notes Martin Luther 95 Thesis etc.