Religious Experience – Lesson 9c – Physiological Challenges (2)

Physiological Challenges WATCH: This lecture about Physiological Challenges WATCH: These videos THINKING POINT: a. Is there a pattern between the health and the experiences of various mystics? b. Does the case of Phineas Gage prove anything about religious experiences? c. Is there any way we could prove that St Pauls’ experience was a consequence of […]

Religious Experience – Lesson 9b – Psychological Challenges (1)

Psychological Challenges WATCH: This lecture about Psychological Challenges WATCH: These videos THINKING POINT: a. Is Freud’s research reliable evidence that religion is neurosis? b. Is Feuerbach correct that we create God in our image?  c. Is if fair to compare religious faith with childhood attachment and neurosis? d. Are we insufficiently critical if we accept […]

Religious Experience – Lesson 5b – William James

William James WATCH: This lecture about William James WATCH: This video about William James THINKING POINT:  (a) Is William James’ theory that drugs help to stimulate the mystical sense a justification for doing drugs or an insight into the human condition? (b) Are first-hand testimonies of religious experiences convincing? What would be needed to make […]

Religious Experience – Lesson 7b – Corporate Experiences

Corporate Experiences WATCH: This lecture about Corporate Experiences WATCH: These videos THINKING POINT: a. Are corporate religious experiences more or less convincing than individual religious empierces? b. If the Catholic Church is ready to reject the Toronto Blessing, does that make the business of religious experiences less reliable generally? Resources *Please select the […]

Religious Experience – Lesson 11 – Evaluation

Evaluation THINK: About your own evaluation of religious experiences. 1.    How convincing do you find other people’s reports of religious experience? Are some more convincing than others? What makes a report of religious experience convincing or unconvincing? 2.    If you had a religious experience yourself, for example if you heard a voice from […]

Religious Experience – Lesson 10 – Impact and Influence of Religious Experience

Impact And Influence Of Religious Experience READ: Pages 110 -114 of your text book WRITE:  Make brief notes on what it means to describe Religious Experience as: 1.     Foundational 2.     Inspirational 3.     The beginning of pilgrimage 4.     Life-changing 5.     Confirmation of faith REFLECT: How would the world be different today without foundational religious experiences? (Moses, […]

Religious Experience – Lesson 9a – Different Interpretations Of Religious Experience

Different Interpretations Of Religious Experience WATCH: This lecture Read pages 102 – 110 of your text book. Some people use Religious Experience as an argument for the existence of God. This argument depends not upon publicly observable events or observations but upon the claims of individuals who say they have had a religious experience, and […]