Life, Death and Beyond – Lesson 3 – Descartes’ Argument for the Soul

Descartes and his view of body-soul relationship. Argument for the existence of the soul. WATCH: This lecture READ: About Descartes’ ideas of the soul in the notes. WATCH: This 3 minute TED-Ed Cartoon summary of Descartes’ ideas WRITE: In your notes: 1.  Try to find out and then write down what Descartes means by […]

Life, Death and Afterlife – Lesson 14 – Self Death and Afterlife

Impact and Influence. WATCH: This video about Pascal’s Wager THINK: What difference to do you think it would make for a person to believe in continued personal existence after death? Make a few notes on your thoughts. CONSIDER: A sense of purpose and meaning of life Attitudes to materialism and secular values, wealth and […]

Life, Death and Afterlife – Lesson 13 – Evaluate Self, Death and Afterlife

Evaluate Self Death Afterlife 1.     Which type of evidence do you think is the most strong and why? Supernatural / psychic evidence – telepathy, spiritualism, and NDE’s Revelation / authority – based on religious texts, faith, and teachings. Rational / logical arguments – If we agree with the likes of Descartes (“I think therefore I […]

Life, Death and Afterlife – Lesson 12 – John’s Gospel and Eternal Life

Christian views about Self Death and Afterlife do differ. This lesson will look at 2 views that are quite distinctive. This topic is studied for both papers and this section is needed for paper 2 in which different Christian views are discussed. RESEARCH: What is meant by eschatology. Find out what the difference is between […]

Life, Death and Afterlife – Lesson 11 – Today’s Task

Todays Task AIM: To create a poster outlining different Christian beliefs about Heaven, Hell and Purgatory METHOD: Using the sets of notes provided and the internet research different Christian ideas about Heaven, Hell and Purgatory Divide your paper/document into 3 and use one section each for heaven, hell and purgatory Use your research to create […]

Life, Death and Afterlife – Lesson 9 – Christian Beliefs about Life After Death (2)

RESEARCH: What does the Bible say about the resurrection of Jesus? Read the core texts provided. Make notes. READ: The notes provided WATCH: This lecture on Christian views and the problems arising THINK: About the philosophical difficulties of a resurrection body. Do you think they are insurmountable? Make sure that you understand how John Hick defends […]

Life, Death and Afterlife – Lesson 8 – Christian Beliefs about Life After Death (1)

Biblical Pictures WATCH: These two short recordings of what the Bible reports in the Old Testament about Self, Death and Aftelife NOTE: The Bible has a developing set of ideas THINK: If ideas in the Bible change, does that mean that God changes God’s mind? DECIDE WHAT YOU THINK: Do you think that a […]

Life, Death and Afterlife​ – Lesson 6 & 7 – Near Death Experiences

WATCH AND RESEARCH.  Watch some YouTube clips featuring people who have had Near Death Experiences. 1.    What does life after death look like? After a scuba diving excursion turned deadly for newlywed Darnisha Taylor reports her experience of dying 2.    Research Pam Reynolds’ Near Death Experience: The Day I Died 3.    Watch any videos or read any […]

Life, Death and Afterlife – Lesson 5 – Monism and the Soul (2)

Aristotle, Hard Materialism/Physicalism and Dual Aspect Monism WATCH: This is excellent, but over an hour long and quite deep! Dip in and see if you can get a flavor of what they are actually arguing about. Modern debate between a materialist (Daniel Dennet) and a non-materialist (Professor Keith Ward) LISTEN: Podcast about dualism & […]